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Buyer Beware!
January 2011
As you all probably know, I am always in favor of adopting instead of buying a new pet for the family.  I know too that some of you may choose to buy a new pet at one point.  This is fine - we all do what we are comfortable with.  However, are you aware that with times being so difficult, especially economically, that it brings out not only the good in people but also the greed?  Many state agencies have reported an increase in rescues and breeders.  As you venture out into the world looking for your new best friend do your homework.
Stick with breeders, if you are thinking of purchasing, that are reputable and responsible.  Yes they will all say the are reputable and responsible! So how do you know? One way is to make sure they, both rescues and breeders are state registered.  Talk with people in your area that are "in the know". If these places are state registered you can be pretty much assured that these people are not hidden puppy mills or back yard breeders. Make sure that the pets are properly registered too!  Here again - do your homework!  There are places online that will register an animal and you will get papers, but how accurate can they be if it only takes one other person to vouch for the fact the dog being registered is a full bred?  No other background information is necessary for some places.
Yes! it does cost less to register an animal with these places and it's usually done within a few days - but will this mean a lower price for your new "registered" pet?  I doubt it.
Animal rescues are becoming a point of interest with some legal offices also.  Some are being referred to as private rescues.  They can be a fine place to obtain a new pet and they can also not be. Some of these rescues are under the belief since they are a private rescue they don't have to follow state laws.  In Colorado, they MUST follow state laws!  They are subject to all the same rules and regulations as a licensed rescue. This makes most people breathe a sigh of relief. It does give the buyer recourse if necessary.
No matter how you choose your next pet - please do not get reeled in by people who are just looking for some extra money - at the expense of an animal.  Buyer beware! do your homework! If it all doesn't look right - it probably isn't.
Happy smells and waggy tails to you all!


Welcome to my SAINT Animal Rescue blog page. I am Diane and I am the
co-director of this rescue.
I have decided to do a blog on SAINT's website because I do not 'tweet' well
and refuse to discuss issues that are on my mind or questions that have been
posed to me on Facebook.
Will I be blogging every day? No. How often will I be here expressing my
opinion? I don't know.
Will I be blogging about animals? Most certainly - and probably a few other
semi-related issues too!
Ok then let’s start!
Most recently something was brought to my attention and I feel the need to
share. Many of you who are reading this probably have no idea why SAINT
Animal Rescue was started. It was not my aspiration in life to become a pet
rescue. In all honesty, back then in my bubble world, all animals and pets
were always taken care of - treated well, had a soft bed to sleep on, had
lots of food and clean water and loved beyond belief. Of course, being a
grown-up, I knew outside of my bubble world it was different, but why push
the envelope and think about it? One day my bubble was broken. The details
of that day can be found on the "How SAINT was started" page.
 The pictures are horrendous but sadly, it's all true.
Ok, getting back to what was recently brought to my attention - the other
day I was informed that some of the people that were involved with that
incident were in a store parking lot selling puppies out of their car.
People who approach vehicles selling dogs and especially puppies are often
just brought to their knees with "oooooooooooh how cute" syndrome. Hey - I'm
a push over too! But let’s take a step back. Let’s look again. Let’s clear
our mind of how sweet these fur-babies look and shake our hands down by our
sides. Ok, ready now to think beyond that sweet little furry face? By
purchasing a dog or a puppy from the animal vehicle vendors are we promoting
a nasty form of business? Why aren't these folks advertising in the papers
so you can come to their home to see where these pups were born? Doesn't it
make you truly wonder? I'm not saying everyone who puts those puppies in a
play pen with an umbrella on top of it, with a big cardboard sign 'Puppies
for Sale' are all bad. Some are truly just clueless. The people I am
referring to aren't clueless! But how would you ever know that? How would
you know how good or bad the mom and dad are kept and treated? Are they
locked up in filthy cages? Do they have fresh food and water? Are they even
alive now? Hmmmmm, speaking of that, how were the puppies kept? Are they
kept until 8 weeks of age before they are toted off? WHY ARE THESE PUPPIES
I know you are on this page because you are either looking for a new
pet/family member or you are surfing, or maybe you just want to play the
penguin game at the bottom of the page. No matter what your reason is,
PLEASE remember what you have read here.
Alrighty then! I am now finished with my first blog! Hope you come back some
Thank you for CARING!


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