Pet Memorials

If your loving pet has moved on to Pet Heaven and you would like to leave a lasting memorial on this page, please send an email to jerry@saintanimalrescue.org with a picture of your pet and an appropriate memorial and we will post it on this page as a loving tribute to your passed away pet.

In Memory of Diamond
Diamond was rescued from a puppy mill in Colorado.  Diamond was blind. When Diamond arrived at SAINT Animal Rescue she did not have any idea of where she was, who she was with or what might happen to her.  She laid in a crate for a day.  As time went on Diamond began to realize that she was safe and no one would hurt her anymore.  She was eventually put up for adoption as a "special needs" dog. It took about 6 months before that special family found her.  The Zwick family fell in love with Diamond. There are not many families that would take a dog like Diamond into their home. Diamond was more work than a dog with sight. Everything has to be changed in their home..and it was.  Mr. And Mrs. Zwick had another little blind dog and knew exactly what to do.  Mr. Zwick built a small fenced in area, inside the house, for Diamond.  Diamond walked mostly in circles so Mr. Zwick made her special places where she could walk and not get hurt.
Little Diamond had a wonderful but short life outside the puppy mill..but at least she had a life with people that loved her. 
We miss you little girl! You will always be in our hearts..forever



Aug 11, 2008

Gracie lived all but 2 months of her life in a cage. Gracie was rescued from a Salida, Colorado puppy mill. Gracie had a difficult time walking but she loved to go outside with us in the yard. Gracie loved to lay on the sofa or on your lap, she loved attention. She learned quickly what treats were. Gracie was finally happy. Jerry and I were told by our Veterinarian that Gracie was in very bad condition and would not live long. We thought for certain that we could make her better and she would be with us for a long time. We could not undo the harm done to her due to the lack of medical treatment at the puppy mill. Gracie left us today. This morning we buried her next to little Maddie who was from the same puppy mill.


To Gracie


Sweet little girl we are so sorry we only had a few months to kiss your nose and snuggle with you. We are so very sad we could not make you well. But please know this Gracie, you were loved, you belonged and you were wanted. Gracie, someone out there knows how to stop puppy mills and that someone will.  We just wish it could have been before you were born.

Rest well little one. We miss you so much. You have our hearts without end.


Jerry and Diane

Kammy, Alex and Sam

Along with

Every SAINT member


Today we said a sad farewell to Maddie. Maddie was recently rescued from a Salida, Colorado puppy mill. She was diagnosed today, while being at the Veterinarian's for her spay appointment, with cancer which had spread. Our Veterinarian informed us that little Maddie was in pain and did not have long to live.


Maddie only had a few weeks of freedom from her misery at the puppy mill. Maddie only had a few weeks of kindness and love. Maddie only had a few weeks to try to understand that the human hand can be soft and warm. Maddie was starting to trust. Maddie was 11 years old.

We thank Maddie’s foster mom Tammy and her family for giving Maddie the best few weeks of her life. They showed Maddie what love and kindness is, something she should have had all her life.


Maddie now rests in a special spot in our hearts. We love you Maddie and we will miss you. May you find that soft white cloud for your forever rest.


Every member of SAINT



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Pet Memorials

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