June 9th, 2009

I would like to introduce you to Sierra and Momma. Both these ladies are very special. Now really, to me, all dogs are special without a doubt! But these two have a special place in my heart.

Sierra walked through SAINT’s door very pregnant, very hungry and utterly terrified! At first glance Sierra didn’t look like she was starving. She had such a big belly that it was the first thing you noticed. Once I reached down to pet her I could distinctly feel each bone in her spine and her hips were protruding. My heart was immediately broken. This poor little mother to be, who was terrified and pregnant had also been starved.

Jerry and I without delay tried to make her comfortable and worked very hard to gain her trust. We named her Sierra and began feeding her 3 to 4 small meals a day until her stomach adjusted to having food in it again. She now had all the clean water she wanted, a warm bed and finally all the food she could eat.

We walked her outside several times every day. Sierra, still anxious, would walk so close to us that her body would touch our legs.

As time went on Sierra began to trust us more each day.

She would walk outside and start to move a head of us, but always looking to see where we were. Now when Sierra goes outside she runs, but still looks to see where we are. She will at present walk along side of me and sometimes nuzzle my hand as she knows; I will stop walking, hold her face and kiss her nose. Sierra is beginning to love life maybe for the first time.

Sierra has started to gain some much needed weight and has learned that she can sprawl out in the living room without worrying about anything.

About two weeks after her coming here she had her puppies. Sierra had eight puppies! Four are male and four are female. All the puppies are healthy, fat and sassy! Sierra is an excellent mom! You could see how tired she was after the delivery, but she stayed with her babies for days without any complaints and dozed when she could.

The puppies are 4 weeks old now and Sierra is leaving them on their own for a bit longer each day. Please meet her puppies!


Momma’s story was similar but different. She was abandoned and very pregnant. Momma was taken to a local shelter where she stayed until her allotted days were up.

Momma had her eight babies there but her time was up.

No one wanted to adopt her or claim her as their lost pet. Momma and her puppies were put on the schedule to die.

Then someone with a very big heart contacted one of SAINT’s members and told her about Momma. That is all that needed to be said. Momma and her eight little ones are now at that foster home. Momma is a wonderful little "momma" and her eight puppies are fat and sassy just as Sierra’s little ones.

Please meet Momma’s puppies 


All these wonderful pets will be up for adoption approximately July 1, 2009. All these sweet little souls need a forever home with their forever family. Please come back and follow their progress. I will update you in about 2 weeks.

Thank YOU for caring!



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