June 26, 2009


Progress Up-date on Sierra and Momma and Puppies


Momma continues to be herself with not much in the way of any personality changes. Momma gets along well with other dogs and seems to love people.  She’s a sweet girl.

Sierra has had huge progress.  She is running through the 2 acres we have fenced in and loving every minute. Sierra is exhibiting a little bit of separation anxiety. She is also an extremely sensitive girl.  She gets along well with all the other dogs but has a big question mark regarding cats.  Sierra does not seem to care for cats.  However, that being said, she does not have a mean bone in her body.

All the puppies are learning how to become a dog! They are exploring, playing and loving every minute of life!

When they sleep they look like little doggie angels..

Before bed time each night Jerry and I take Sierra’s pups outside and to our delight each one poops!  We can’t guarantee that house training will be as easy as this but it’s a step in the right direction.  If you take the pups outside upon them waking up from sleep and right after they eat they will usually reward you with doing their “business”.

Here are a few simple rules that might help make training easier:

          Be firm and gentle, but not punitive.

          Be consistent; all family members should have the puppy     

          follow the same rules.

Have your puppy earn attention and other things by being calm and quiet.

Never hit or strike your puppy for disobeying.

Always reward your puppy for good behavior with

plenty of praise, patting or with a small kibble of puppy food.

The puppies will be up for adoption Thursday July 2, 2009.

Please remember that puppies are a lot of work and take time to train.  They are apt to cry and whine at night for awhile.

They, like all animals brought into a home, will need life long commitment.

Thank you for caring.   



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