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Dream Shelter

SAINT Animal Rescue began its mission in 2007 after seeing horrific animal abuse and neglect right in our own neighborhood. We began as a grassroots organization to help animals in El PasoCountyand neighboring communities in Colorado.


Since the year 2007 we have saved over 300 dogs, cats, livestock and a pigeon rescued by a construction worker in Colorado Springs. However we have had to turn away more than 300 animals in need of help due to the lack of a shelter.


It has been our dream to have a shelter, such as the one pictured, so we would not have to turn away surrendered or lost and found pets. It has been our dream for these animals to have a safe place where there is comfort and love while waiting for their forever home or their family to claim them. It has been our dream to help and not have to turn away such a large number of animals needing help.

We have the land for the shelter.  We have a builder waiting to help us. We have a Veterinarian waiting to help as well. All we need is the money to build.  Economic times are tough right now and so many of us are struggling. We see that too in the number of animals being surrendered by owners no longer being able to financially care for them. Where will these pets go?  Some frantic owners think if they release them out in the country they will have a chance of survival. Most don’t make it.


All donations help and all donations count. All donations are tax deductible.


Animals need our help they cannot survive without us.  Please help us build a shelter for them.


Thank you and thank you for caring!

Jerry and Diane


SAINT Animal Rescue



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Pet Memorials

Has a friend or loved one recently lost a beloved pet? Make a donation to SAINT Animal Rescue in the pet's name and we will send them a framed certificate notifying them of your love, and concern.

memorial certificate

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The gift that keeps
on giving

Give a gift that keeps on giving, Make a donation to SAINT Animal Rescue in someone else's name and give a loving home for an animal for life. The person making the gift will receive a thank you letter and the person the donation was made in the name of will receive a framed recognition certificate, like the one shown below.

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