Great places to hike in the Front Range Mountains of Colorado

If you have ever been in the beautiful Front Range Mountains of Colorado, you already know how abundant hiking trails are. However, if you have never been in these mountains, then you may want to take the following article along with you, for reference... So, just where are some great places to hike in the Front Range Mountains of Colorado?

Our family moved to these mountains three years ago and I know we have seen only a small portion of the trails that are on this mountain, but the list is large enough to keep you hiking for at least a week long vacation.

Our first trail we will look at, to hike in the FRont Range Mountains, is just up the pass from Colorado Springs on Hwy 24, just before you get to Pikes Peak Toll road in Cascade, Colorado. You will find the trail head located right on Hwy 24. There is a large parking lot on the right side of 24 West. You leave the parking lot and head up the trail to your right. This is a very busy trail head and the parking lot fills up early in the morning, so you'll want to get an early start. Also it is important to remember that the Colorado mountains are famous for afternoon storms. Just another reason to get to your trail early in the morning!

Our next trail that we really like is further up the pass in Woodland Park, Colorado. When you get to Woodland Park you will see a Super Wal-Mart on your left, turn right at that traffic light and wrap around to the left and head up the subdivision road and follow it until it dead ends. When you come to the end, turn right, follow that road about 1/2 mile till it ends at the forest road. There is a small parking area there that you can park in, then walk into the forest and have a great time on a number of trails that branch off the main trail. These trails are NOT marked, so be sure to take something with you to mark your trails so you do not get lost in the forest!

These are two of thousands of free trails in Teller and Park Counties. There are so many trails that go through the Pikes Peak Forest, you could spend a month and never get to all of them.

Something to always remember when hiking in these mountains... It IS a forest, it DOES have lots of wildlife, and it is very important to NEVER hike alone, always stay in a group, and make lots of noise. Our biggest concern are bears and mountain lions. So have a great time in our forest, but please be very careful and NEVER feed the wildlife while you are hiking! And there you have it, this is just a couple of the places, where we go and hike in the Front Range Mountains of Colorado.



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