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SAINT Animal Rescue (Saving Animals In Need Together), a 501(c) 3, Non-Profit Organization, by and through ______________________ and the undersigned (hereinafter referred to as “Adopter” or “you”), in consideration of the terms, conditions and promises hereinafter set forth in this Agreement and other good and valuable consideration, intending to be legally bound by this Agreement, agree to the following terms and conditions, including, but not limited to the following:


1.  We are conditionally placing the following described animal with you, the Adopter, for adoption by you.  As an Adopter, you agree and understand that you will need to make certain necessary changes in your environment and lifestyle to accommodate life with the animal, such as change of daily activities, fencing requirements, etc.



2.   I agree that this animal is being adopted as a family pet.  He/she will have extensive house privileges, will sleep inside the house, and will not be kept solely in the yard, or tied to any tether, whether or not the yard is enclosed.  I agree to provide this animal with proper food, water, shelter and necessary veterinary care.  Adopter further agrees that this animal may not be crated or otherwise confined for more than 8 hours in a 24 hour period and, if crated, the crate shall be large enough for the animal to lie comfortably on its side and move freely.  If the animal is a dog, the dog should be walked on a leash and will never be allowed to roam free unsupervised without proper fencing or containment. Adopter will never leave the animal chained, cooped and/or otherwise confined for extended periods of time.  Adopter also agrees that if the animal adopted is a dog, said dog or dogs will never be used for dog fighting or any other “sport” in which one animal is pitted against another, and will never beat or taunt the dog in order to promote aggressive “guard dog” characteristics.


3.  Adopter understands that this animal may have been previously unwanted, a stray or lost and may have been rescued by SAINT Animal Rescue from a dangerous, unhealthy and or cruel situation.  This could have long lasting effects on the animal.  You agree that SAINT Animal Rescue is making no representations or warranties about the condition, personality, or temperament of the animal.  The animal was evaluated by a representative of SAINT Animal Rescue, but that does not guarantee its temperament or compatibility with you or any members of your household.


4.  I understand that SAINT is not making any representations or warranties regarding the animal’s health, physical condition, or age.  Adopter understands that veterinary problems may arise with this animal, including serious illnesses requiring emergency care or surgery, that those problems are Adopter’s responsibility, and that Adopter will bear all related costs and will provide the proper veterinary care to the animal in a timely manner. 


5.  If Adopter has adopted an animal that has not yet been spayed or neutered, Adopter understands and agrees that the adoption fee includes this operation, and it is MANDATORY that it be performed.  SAINT Animal Rescue will pay for the spay or neuter operation if Adopter brings the animal to one of SAINT Animal Rescue’s veterinarians.  Adopter understands and agrees he or she will be responsible for the expense if Adopter chooses to have a different veterinarian perform the spay or neuter surgery and Adopter will receive no refund of any portion of the adoption fee. If the animal is spayed or neutered by someone other than SAINT Animal Rescue’s veterinarians, Adopter will provide SAINT Animal Rescue a copy of the spay/neuter certificate.


6.  The adopted animal must be licensed in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which the Adopter resides. 


7.  Adopter agrees that SAINT Animal Rescue or any representative authorized by SAINT Animal Rescue can make a home inspection of the property where the adopted animal is to be kept prior to or within thirty (30) days of any animal being placed with Adopter.  Said inspection will be coordinated at a mutually convenient time for all parties.  In addition, Adopter agrees that should SAINT Animal Rescue or an authorized representative contact  the Adopter to inquire about the animal, Adopter agrees to make a good faith effort to return the call as soon as possible.


8.  If Adopter changes address or telephone number, Adopter will notify SAINT Animal Rescue within two (2) weeks of the change of address or telephone number.


9.  Adopter agrees not to abandon, give away, sell, transfer, foster out or dispose of the animal in any way, and to notify SAINT Animal Rescue immediately at any time Adopter determines that they can no longer keep or care for the animal.  Adopter agrees to work with SAINT Animal Rescue to allow SAINT Animal Rescue to locate another home or foster home for the animal.  Under no circumstances shall the animal be placed in an animal shelter.


10.  Should the animal become lost, Adopter will immediately contact SAINT Animal Rescue, make every effort to locate the lost animal and will file lost reports with the local animal control authority in Adopter’s jurisdiction.


11.  In the event that SAINT Animal Rescue makes a determination in its sole discretion that Adopter has failed to comply in, spirit or letter, with any terms of this Agreement, or the animal is abused or neglected, as determined in the sole discretion of SAINT Animal Rescue, one of the remedies will be to immediately recover the animal from the Adopter upon demand and Adopter will without hesitation surrender the animal to SAINT Animal Rescue or its authorized representative immediately.


12.  Adopter understands and agrees that SAINT Animal Rescue, its volunteers, directors or its officers are not responsible for any injury, damage or harm caused by the animal, and hereby releases and forever discharges SAINT Animal Rescue, its volunteers, its directors or its officers from any and all liability for any injury, damage, harm, expense or liability that Adopter incurs relating to this animal adopted under this contract.  Adopter also agrees to indemnify and hold harmless from any and all such claims to pay, including but not limited to, any costs related to such injury, damage or liability, including any costs associated with litigation, mediation, arbitration and attorneys’ fees incurred by SAINT Animal Rescue in its defense.


13. Adopter agrees and understands that there is a non-refundable adoption fee of $__________.  The adoption fee includes the spay/neuter surgery, the first set of vaccinations and if a dog, microchipping. If within ten (10) days of adoption it is discovered that the animal has a medical problem that was not known or that the animal does not assimilate into its new home, SAINT Animal Rescue will return the adoption fee upon return of the animal.


14. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties, and supersedes any prior understanding between the parties with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement.  This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Colorado and the parties hereto consent and agree that any action brought to enforce any provision of this Agreement shall be brought in the courts of the State of Colorado, County of El Paso.  This Agreement may not be modified except in writing and signed by all parties.




Name _____________________________ Male__________           Female__________

Breed ____________________________Color_____________________________

Distinguishing characteristics ____________________________________________

Birth Date (or estimate if unknown) ____________Spay/Neuter Date _____________

Vaccinations & Dates Given _____________________________________________

Microchip Number: ____________________________________________________

Foster Home:  ________________________________________________________




Name: _______________________________________________________________ 

Driver’s License Number:______________________________State_______________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________  State: ______________     Zip: ____________

Home Phone Number: _____________________       Cell #: _____________________

Work Phone Number:  ___________________________________________________

E-mail Address: ______________________________________________________


I have read and received a copy of, and hereby agree to abide by, ALL THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS of this Agreement.


SIGNED this _____ day of __________________, 20____.


Signature of Adopter:  ___________________________________________________


SAINT Animal Rescue Representative_______________________________________